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Two meanings of pride: one is very bad the other is very good so don’t get them confused!

The word pride can be used in a strictly religious sense and is very bad for us. My pride in this sense is referring to that part of me which thinks I can live without God’s help and that I am better-off without him; and that I am better than others and are better off without them too. Therefore, my pride in this bad sense makes me haughty and aloof, quick to judge others, and, also leading to hypocrisy, my pride prevents me seeing the many faults in myself.
There are countless Biblical scriptures which severely condemns this kind of bad pride, with it even being seen as the root of all sin. For example, in the Old Testament’s Proverbs 6:17 we are told that God hates, and sees as an abomination, ‘haughty eyes’. Proverbs 21:4 continues this theme: ‘Haughty eyes and a proud heart, the lamp of the wicked, is sin’. In other parts of the Old Testament too, we repeatedly read that God brings down the haughty and the proud (see 2 Samuel 2:28; Psalm 18:27; Isaiah 2:11; Ezekiel 16:50). This a…

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